You have a great product or service and you can’t wait to get it out to as many potential customers or clients as possible!

But there are times when Creating forward momentum in our business can feel like walking through mud!

I have found that there are TWO typical answers I get from entrepreneurs when asking how their productivity is progressing. It’s…

1. I feel I’m too slow in building my business
2. I feel I’m too slow in keeping up with my business

Resistance builds and sometimes we fall into the “I’m not enough” story of our mind. It makes us feel either frustrated or our energy levels drop and what should be a day of powering through becomes heavy and uninspiring.

Either scenario slows our momentum down and dampens our enthusiasm for what we are doing and we are not as dynamic and clear in our day to day that we really need to be to create a Lasting business!

In this video I share two KEY questions that you Must ask yourself if you find yourself frustrated or lacking enthusiasm in your day.

Going home at the end of the day Pumped about our progress and sharing big and small successes should be an every day occurrence!

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