I have had numerous conversations with founders and entrepreneurs over the past months and as we now moving past the halfway mark on 2020 I’m starting to see the toll the “new normal” is taking. I hear comments of “I want rest”, “I want more time”, “I want to hand over some tasks but I can’t”.

As a high performance coach I spend hour long sessions with clients focusing just on understanding what is getting in the way of productivity and giving them the tools to overcome it. But awareness has to come first. The ultimate goal being to help my clients gain the insights or the “aha-oh shit” realisations as I call them.


You have decided to give yourself a break and are on your way to have a coffee with a friend. The beverage is ordered, you have a relaxed conversation, enjoying the surroundings and the only “doing” going on is the conversation. You feel relaxed and non-conflicted.

Back at work and the afternoon is set out with your daily plan clear. As you focus on the task at hand some emails come in from potential clients. Next our attention goes to the other items on the list to completed today and as it becomes clear that there are too many listed and we start to evaluate which one should be completed.

Our focus scatters.

When we allow pure concentration by turning off all distractions i.e., phone and email with wifi off (unless your activity is client calls!) and being in a space where there is a sense of calm, we get more done.

Most of us struggle with this.

And we struggle from January onwards. Year in year out.

We cope for a bit and then flounder. The goal is to make it to the End of the year with an equal level of energy as after a relaxing Christmas break. That’s high performance, that’s the ability to maintain above norm performances for long periods whilst maintaining wellbeing and positive relationships.

Being tired or worn out is not a good enough excuse to be short and tense at home with our loved ones! Or snapping at your co-founder’s new ideas because you are too tired to even think of anything extra in your week, or worse missing new opportunities.

So, here is, not “the 3 things to do”, here is the One thing to do. Between now and end of the year why not….

Commit to only doing One thing at any point of time in your day. That’s it! Set the one task, the time frame and turn your fullest attention to it.

If you are hesitant and believe that multi-tasking is the only way you can get to your goal, then can I suggest you try this method for a week and see what changes.

You might find that you get through more. You may also find that by the end of the day or the end of the week you are able to go home to your partner or family and still have juice in the tank. To be present and loving as you move through your quest to create the dream life that the entrepreneurship was to deliver for you.

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